MMTEC's current and interactive lecture  format meets the needs of all learning
styles of the adult learner. Our faculty is
comprised of highly qualified and
experienced professionals, with teaching backgrounds in private, charter and
public school programs. Our instructors
share their expertise in the Montessori curriculum as well as in other arenas, including professional counseling, administration and business.

 Summer in Michigan
MMTEC is cancelling the 2020-2021
Early Childhood (3-6)
and Elementary II (9-12) levels due to the repercussions of the pandemic.

The Elementary I (6-9) level is running
but registration is closed. We have a small group of teachers who we look forward to guiding and supporting this next year.
Stay safe everyone. Peace!

Dr. Maria Montessori, an Italian physician in the early 1900's, discovered the remarkable and effortless ability of children
to absorb knowledge from their surroundings.
Inspired by this simple and profound truth, she developed educational materials, curricula, methodology, and teacher training techniques to further the children's
self-creating processes.
The Michigan Montessori Teacher Education Center teaches
the essence of Dr. Montessori's principles, and unique and inspiring techniques, while preparing its adult learners for
the challenges of today's children and families.

Summer Training
     "The child should love everything that he learns for
mental and emotional growth are linked.
Whatever is presented to him must be made beautiful
and clear, striking his imagination.
Once this love has been kindled, all problems confronting
the educationalist will disappear."
Dr. Maria Montessori