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MMTEC's October Seminar and MACTE/AMS visit!

Administrative Director
Theo Papatheodoropoulos
Administrative Coordinator
Brenda Anderson
Early Childhood Program Director
Shawn Gasiorowski
Elementary I Program Co-Director
Amy Dressler
Elementary II Program Co-Director
Brian Campbell
Early Childhood
Shawn Gasiorowski
Deb Herron
Stacy Byrd
Heidi Gauger
Julie Harrison
Emily Myers
Mary Lamos
Jean Williams
Guest Speaker: Joyce Fruge
Brian Campbell
Amy Dressler
Sarah Chandler
Ann DeVore
Jennifer Dorrell
Tom Fullam
 The average class size is 20. Class sizes vary year-to-year depending on enrollment. The adult learner-to-instructor ratio is 20:1.
Child Development and Psychology Instructor
Jean Williams

Math & Geography Instructor
Emily Myers

History & Math Instructor
Brian Campbell

Language Instructor
Amy Dressler