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Tuition & Fees

For 2014-2015:
Early Childhood (2½-6)            Tuition*                                    $ 4,750.00
                                                   AMS & MACTE Fees                  $ 375.00 
                                                   Manuals & Materials Fee**     $ 200.00

Elementary I (6-9)                    Tuition***                                 $ 5,950.00
                                                   AMS & MACTE Fees                   $ 375.00
                                                   Manuals & Materials Fee****  $ 700.00
Elementary II (for 6-12)            Tuition***                                 $ 3,550.00
                                                   AMS & MACTE Fees                   $ 375.00
                                                   Manuals & Materials Fee****  $ 575.00

To cover the cost of additional field observations, a fee of $400.00 will be charged to those adult learners doing a Self-Directed Practicum.

All travel expenses for supervision of adult learners at practicum sites within 100 miles of the training center (up to 200 miles round-trip) will be paid by MMTEC.
Additional cost of travel to schools beyond 100 miles is the responsibility of the adult learner and/or sponsoring practicum site (this includes mileage over 200 miles, food and lodging, if necessary, and in rare instances, the cost of airfare).
Tuition in full is due by the first day of the Academic Phase.
Extended Payment Contracts for each course level are available and attached below.
Extended Payment Contracts.pdf
*Tuition for the full program leading to the AMS Early Childhood or Associate Early Childhood Credential includes academic tuition, three field observations, seminars, and examinations.

**The Early Childhood Manuals & Materials Fee includes manuals in each curriculum area, handouts, and laminating material. 

***Tuition for the full program leading to the AMS Elementary I (6-9) Credential includes academic tuition, Early Childhood Overview, three field observations, seminars and examinations.  

***Tuition for the full program leading to the AMS Elementary I&II (6-12) Credential includes academic tuition, seminars and examinations. 

**** The Elementary Manuals & Materials Fee includes manuals, timelines, materials, charts, handouts, and laminating material.