Professional Development Requirements

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MMTEC and the American Montessori Society believe that continuing professional growth
is a necessary component of best practice in Montessori teacher development.

Professional Development Requirement
AMS requires that holders of AMS credentials issued on or after July 1, 2013 complete
50 hours of professional development every 5 years for the credential to remain active.
The first 5-year period begins with the date the credential was issued. If professional development hours are not completed within the 5-year period, the credential will be considered inactive until the requirement is met.

The credential holder must keep a record of his or her professional development and
be able to provide print or electronic verification of the event host, location, date, topic, presenter(s), and number of hours attended. For this purpose, the credential holder is welcome, but not required, to use the AMS Professional Development Form
To maintain an active credential, verification of professional development is to be
submitted to AMS 30 days in advance of the 5-year anniversary of the issuance of the credential, and every 5 years thereafter.

Professional development events do not need pre-approval by AMS to count towards the requirement, as long as they adhere to the guidelines below.

Event Host & Format
A professional development event may be hosted by a school; a teacher education program; or a regional, national, or international Montessori group or organization such as (but not limited to) those listed on the Local Groups ( and Montessori Organizations pages of the AMS website (including AMS conferences and webinars). Additionally, it may be hosted by a regionally accredited college/university; educational foundation/organization, institute, or association; or a national or regional accrediting organization. 

It can also include coursework completed towards earning a credential (for an age level different from credentials already held) at an AMS- or other MACTE-accredited teacher education program, or AMI teacher education program.
The event may be face-to-face event, a live Webinar, or a recording of a Webinar if written or electronic verification of participation is given.

The following event topics qualify for the professional development requirement:
Montessori education and philosophy/pedagogy                            
Classroom management                                                                   
 Child development
Health, safety, and nutrition (excluding CPR, first aid, medication administration, exercise)
Peace education                            
Service learning                            
Leadership skills                            
Social/emotional issues
Special education and learning differences                                        
Education research
Public or education policy
Technology training that will enhance the teacher’s use of technology with students or refine the teacher’s computer skills in ways that will improve his teaching

Events that do not qualify: CPR, first aid, or medication administration training; exercise or yoga classes, unless they are related directly to teaching physical education to students; the reading of books, magazines, or journals; travel.

Check out for listings of events that meet the guidelines for AMS hours of professional development, and are hosted by relevant organizations worldwide.

Hours of Continuing Professional Development
Attending AMS-approved events can earn educators AMS hours of continuing professional development—and eventually, an AMS Certificate of Continuing Professional Development.
                                                                                         *Information found at official AMS website