Goal of MMTEC

The goal of MMTEC is to make every adult learner the finest Montessori teacher possible.

The following excerpt from a speech delivered on June 23, 1979, by David R. Weinberg, Ph.D., MMTEC's co-founder reflects the goals which have been adopted by the Michigan Montessori Teacher Education Center.

"Our particular perspective and method of celebrating children is based upon one word - respect - the foundation stone of Montessori's work. In theory classes we are taught - and we teach respect for children which involves a reverence for their developing beings in all their aspects. It means we provide a "prepared environment" and it means we revere the attention and the focus children demonstrate with didactic materials in that environment. But, that respect for children in this broadest definition places upon the adult the heavy burden of excellence - an excellence in all matters touching our profession as Montessorians."

We strive for excellence by continuing to develop organically through professional dialogue of our experienced Montessori staff, and by staying in touch with the needs of the today’s adult learners.

Our program wants to serve the broadest possible spectrum and facilitate the development of Montessori Education locally, nationally, and internationally.

We are dedicated to sharing Montessori with all those who are part of the Montessori community, and those who are not.