The Joyce Frugé Teacher Education Scholarship

"(Ms. Joyce) had such an impact on my life and will forever stand at the pillar of my educational vision. I once spoke to her at the start of a school year, telling her I wanted to quit, I was just so nervous. She made me promise that if a school year ever began and I did not have that feeling, I would immediately retire. I am crying as I write this, but I also feel a warmth in the love that Ms. Joyce shared with this world. Though her parting words are incredible and so beautiful, they are not surprising. She was truly a woman of gratitude and I hope to continue that legacy in her honor in every aspect of my teaching." (Brocha Margolese)

"The world does not yet realize the magnitude of this loss. So very grateful to have had Joyce as my mentor during training and after. She challenged me at every turn to delve deeper into Dr. Montessori's words, to internalize fully Montessori's theory/philosophy and I love(d) her deeply for doing so. My heart is heavy..."(Laura Bengel)

"Joyce touched the lives of so many. She had the biggest heart full of love and dedication." (Heidi Gauger)

"Joyce was the true embodiment of a Montessori teacher who lived what she taught. She leaves a hole in the life of everyone who was touched by her wisdom and love. I cannot believe that she has left us, but she will have a high place in heaven for all the good she has done in her life." (Jean Williams)

"Joyce was such a gift — I have felt her spirit all week in the classroom. I know she’d love watching all the sensorial and practical life work going on at Maple Park." (Ruthe Petrovich)

MMTEC is pleased to announce the endowment of the Joyce Frugé Teacher Education Scholarship. This partial scholarship will be awarded annually to a deserving applicant, based on financial need, personal statement, and official acceptance into the MMTEC program.

For 2020-2021, the scholarship was awarded to - Jennifer Sigurdson and Kelsey Steinman. It is our pleasure to award them this scholarship in honor of Joyce.

Past scholarships have been awarded to:


Practicum Site:

Samantha Hoffman 2019-2020 Practicum Site: First Friends Montessori

Saousan Kiwan 2018-2019

Practicum Site: Crescent Academy Montessori

Anda Miclea and Shannon Meldrum 2017-2018 Practicum Sites: Macomb Children's Academy and Gateway Montessori

Elsa Miranda 2016-2017 Practicum Site: Chiquitos Bilingual Montessori

Stephanie Wielkopolan 2016-2017 Practicum Site: Swannanoa Valley Montessori

Abigail Lemmon 2015-2016 Practicum Site: Christian Montessori of Ann Arbor

Leslie Petrovich 2014-2015 Practicum Site: Maple Park Montessori

Maria Calleros 2013-2014 Practicum Site: Little Chiquitos Bilingual Montessori

Cecilia Mellem 2012-2013 Practicum Site: Maple Tree Montessori Academy

Maya Chiarini 2010-2011 Practicum Site: Schoolhouse Montessori Academy of Troy

Rachel Zadrozny 2009-2010 Practicum site: Go Like the Wind Montessori